Reckless the Card Game

Game Set-up

Shuffle the cards and deal two to each player. Players should look at their cards but keep them hidden from everyone else. Each player has 200 credits as their starting wealth. To access your credits account, download the Cyclos app, and enter the web address Pick one of the account tiles you find in the hook box and login with the User and Password printed on the tile. 

Goal of the Game

Forcing all the opponents into bankruptcy, and be the last player who still has some money in his account.

The Cards

There are 5 different characters in the deck (3 copies of each character). Each of the 5 characters has his own preferred way to take money from another player as marked on the left bottom corner of each character card.
The Politician (takes 40 credits for a bribe), the Lobbyist (30 for lobbying), the Lawyer (takes 40 for a lawsuit), the Banker (takes 50 for fraud), the CEO (Takes 30 for collusion). An attempt of taking money of a character can be blocked by a player if he has between his cards a character who can block the attacking action. You find the blocking power of each character on the right bottom corner of the card. If two players have the same character card, the stronger takes the money, the strengh is the symbol on the top right 1x, 2x, 3x        
There are also 3 special cards that can be used to perform general actions: Ponzi Scheme,  Blackmail and Scandal.

How to Play

Starting with the player to the left of the dealer and going clockwise, players take turns performing one of the 5 characters actions or one of the 3 general actions. A player may choose any action they want and can afford. Some actions (Character Actions) require specific characters. If they choose a Character Action a player must claim that the required character is one of their face down cards. They can be telling the truth or bluffing. They do not need to reveal any of their face down cards unless they are challenged. If they are not blocked or challenged they automatically succeed, and he can collect the money using the QR code payment system of the mobile app. Actions can be blocked if the player receiving the action has a character who can block that action. There is also a specific counteraction that can be performed with the Lawyer, to sue the charchter and make him pay for the lawsuit. General actions (Ponzi Scheme, Blackmail and Scandal) can not be blocked, but they can be challenged.


Any action or counteraction can be challenged. Any other player can issue a challenge to a player regardless of whether they are the involved in the action. Once an action or counteraction is declared other players must be given an opportunity to challenge. If a player is challenged they must prove they had the required influence by showing the relevant character is one of their face down cards. If they can’t, or do not wish to, prove it, they lose the challenge. If they can, the challenger loses. Whoever loses the challenge immediately loses a card. If a player wins a challenge by showing the relevant character card, they first return that card to the main deck, re-shuffle the deck and take a random replacement card.


Every action performed by a player can be blocked by the receiving player. On each character card you can read who can be block, but you can block an action also if you don’t have the specific blocking character.


If an action is not blocked or challenged, who received the action has to pay the credits required by that action. At that point using the app you will scan the other player QR code and pay the amount of credits required. Example, one of the player attacks you asking for a 50 credits bribe, if you decide not to block it you will just select Payment from the dashboard of the app, Scan QR code, and than you scan the QR code on the tile of the other player, you enter the amount and thre action name and you finalize the payment. A second option is having the other player to use the Receive QR payment function and you scan the QR code.